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A single integration to meet all your authentication needs
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Social login (OAuth)
Neoke makes it easy to add social login capabilities to your application, boosting conversion rates and simplifying user onboarding. Social login allows users to sign in using existing login information from a social network provider.
Preferred by 53% of users, social logins are 1.5x faster than passwords and 5.2x quicker than magic links or OTPs, ensuring a smooth and preferred user experience.
Passwordless log in
Credential-based authentication is a faster and more secure way to verify a user's identity, and can also be used across multiple user devices.
These credentials are authenticated by TouchID or FaceID and hold anti phishing capabilities. They can be stored on users devices and cannot be tampered with, lost, stolen, or duplicated like traditional passwords.
ID Document verification
Our platform blends intuitive design with a powerful security-centered backend. We provide advanced, automated identity verification that's 5x more effective than traditional systems, for superior fraud protection.
Smart Capture Automatically extracts data for simplicity.
Universal ID Compatibility: Seamlessly handles all credential types, including physical, digital, Verifiable Credentials, and NFC.
Global PII Verification: Extensive support for KYC, with multi-source aggregation for worldwide coverage.
Regulatory Flexibility: Offers a diverse set of tools like disclaimers, parental and voice/video consents, catering to various regulatory needs.
Biometrics authentication
Unmatched precision with high-accuracy algorithms for real-time, unbiased comparisons.
Liveness Detection: Utilises real-time video monitoring to detect liveliness, safeguarding against spam attacks and capturing evidence for added security.
Face-to-Face Verification: Ensures user presence through real-time video checks.
Extensive Biometric Capabilities: Supports diverse biometric verifications including ID-to-selfie, selfie-to-selfie, and selfie-to-token matches, ensuring thorough and reliable identity checks.

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