Data Orchestration Platform
Asynchronous data flow across all networks
Business man standing in airport terminal. He's holding his mobile phone in hands and sending or reading information about flying.
User-controlled data management
Neoke revolutionises personal data handling by ​empowering users as the primary controllers of their ​securely stored information.
Decentralised data management: Manages data across NeoKe's network, utilising both cloud storage and edge devices like smartphones, ensuring flexibility and ​security.
Direct app-to-partner data transfer: Facilitates secure data sharing directly from user apps to partners, bypassing Neoke systems for enhanced privacy.
Advanced security with verifiable ​credentials
Robust security measures: Employs token-based validation for partner requests and multiple layers of authentication to safeguard data integrity.
Inter-app Communication: Coordinates data sharing between apps based on user consent, ensuring a user-centric approach to data management.
Information Orchestration
Efficient workflow: Manages complex data requests involving multiple attributes, categorising them based on storage location and user permission.
Data request API: Streamlines data requests, identifying data storage locations and ensuring user consent for data usage.
Comprehensive services directory: Provides a standardised system for identifying and accessing various endpoints by partners and apps, simplifying integration and ​usage.

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