Digital Identity and Wallet Infrastructure
Tools to bring reusable identity ​products to life
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Neoke Wallet
A decentralised way for individuals to safely store and share essential information.
Interoperable: Verifiable credentials can be stored in the cloud or on user’s device.
Compliant: Aligned with global standards regulations including eIDAS2 and GDPR.
Offline support: Enhanced travel convenience as credentials can be shared even when a device is offline.
Neoke SDK
Use Neoke’s SDK to power your application and allow your users to verify their identity, upload biometric data, and save their details in a simple and compliant way, with a completely user-centric experience. 
Personalisation: Our SDK allows your users to create and manage their own IDs, and offers access to a world of benefits, with personalised recommendations based on their preferences.
Empower Users: Users are the custodians of their own information, providing a more secure and richer in-app experience, as well as conveniently providing you with all the details you need to serve them as your customers.
Advanced Security: We use a range of cryptographic specifications in order to guarantee the signature and encryption of user details, maintaining the highest possible security standards.

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