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Digital identity for the future of travel

We’re reimagining what it means to travel, with a suite of digital identity solutions.
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Verify once, unlock everywhere

NeoKe is building a travel ecosystem that harnesses the power of digital ID. With breakthrough cryptographic and biometric technology, travellers have unprecedented control over their own data, creating a more secure and seamless way to exchange information with providers.
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The identity age

Self-sovereign identity and decentralised identifiers have unlocked new potential for digital ID. NeoKe is pioneering these innovations, to support risk-rating, verification and access for travellers and travel providers.

Secure and seamless

From flight bookings to accommodation check-in, each travel touchpoint can be effortlessly linked with NeoKe creating more efficient processes that empower travellers and maximise business’ potential.
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A new way to travel

No longer will users have to navigate a fragmented travel experience. With NeoKe, the dream of a smooth, connected journey is now a reality.


For travellers

NeoKe Wallet

This personal digital wallet uses biotechnology to securely store your individual data.
  • Verify once, use forever.
  • Allows you to share authenticated information with travel providers. You don’t have to upload and re-enter the same information over and over for each part of your trip.
  • Keep all your trip details and personal travel preferences safely in one place.
  • Organise all your check-in documents prior to arrival, so you can skip queues and enjoy express access.

NeoKe Connect

An identity platform that fully integrates with your existing system to support log in, check-in and data management.
  • Streamline your booking and check-in process, smoother experience for staff and guests alike.
  • Verify guest information in real time.
  • Fully compliant, supports customer privacy and hotel security. 


Meet NeoKe: The winner of the FutureTravel Summit 2022 Pitch Competition!

Taking home the pitch competition crown (and cheque) was Neoke, a startup on a mission to solve the problem of manual ID verification processes at airports, hotels, and car rentals by transitioning to digital IDs.
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Ex-Booking execs build new "Connected trip" solution

After more than seven years with Booking.com, most recently as APAC regional director, Vikas Bhola has spent countless hours thinking about and developing solutions to make travel more enjoyable, efficient and integrated – what Booking Holdings has been referring to for years as the “connected trip.”
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Startup NeoKe’s decentralised digital ID for travel wins Microsoft hackathon

A startup focusing on decentralised digital ID for travel won Microsoft’s Identity for All hackathon in July and is now entering pre-launch for a product release.
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Frequently asked questions

What is digital Identity and why is it needed?

Digital ID is a way to verify identity without the use of any physical documents. A fully digitised system is necessary to support the variety of platforms that travellers use to enjoy their trip, without needing to scan, print or reuse documents. Once your ID is digitised in NeoKe, it is easily accessible and shareable for all your travel.

Is NeoKe equivalent to a government ID? Is it compliant?

NeoKe is a trust based platform that follows a regulatory process to verify government identification (such as drivers licence or passport), and create digital versions that are easily and securely shared with travel providers. We are fully compliant with GDPR and eIDAS.

Can NeoKe integrate with my existing guest management systems?

NeoKe can integrate with your property management systems, access control, smart lock and IOT systems.

What are the benefits to my business?

NeoKe is a more streamlined and secure way for users to share their ID with travel providers. This means less following up, smoother processes, and a more positive guest experience. NeoKe does all the heavy lifting.

How are you ensuring the safety of user’s sensitive data & privacy?

We are a security-first company, using the most advanced blockchain architecture to manage data privacy and sharing. User data is stored using blockchain technology, so it is only accessible by each individual. Nobody, including the NeoKe support team, can access users' personal information without permission.


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