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The complete identity solution travel has been waiting for
To enable connected and trusted travel, leveraging gold standards in authentication, data storage and exchange capabilities.
One platform, complete identity solutions
Enhance your customer data operations with our comprehensive toolkit.
Social sign on (OAuth)
ID Documents verification
Biometrics authentication
Digital Identity Wallet/Edge SDK
Information Orchestration
Issuing, verifying and managing ​Digital IDs & credentials
Management with backend, ​workflows and dashboard
Equipping businesses for secure and seamless ​data exchange.
Embrace the future of verifiable data technology
Effortless integration
Seamlessly integrate with our ​consistent interface, simplifying data ​requests even in complex ​environments.
Robust security and privacy
Direct and secure data transmission ​​with comprehensive cryptographic ​​measures for unrivaled protection.
Compliance and ​Standardization
Aligned with global standards regulations including eIDAS2 and GDPR.
Building better travel
Enabling seamless connections between providers and travellers, for more secure and efficient information exchange.
Airlines and accommodation providers
Reduce operational cost with streamlined processes, and faster onboarding of new customers.
Increase conversion and maximise customer lifetime value as you establish trusted relationships.
Access and manage data in a secure and compliant environment.
Travellers enjoy
Real control over their data in a more secure environment.
Personalised offerings based on preferences.
The convenience of faster processing and less wait times.
Leading the way
As new standards for data management continue to emerge, Neoke is at the forefront of these innovations, supporting risk-rating, verification and access, with safe and scalable solutions. 
We use advanced cloud cryptography and decentralised infrastructure to help travel providers prevent fraud and comply with data protection regulations, whilst offering easy onboarding and seamless customer experiences.
Neoke is setting a ​new standard in ​customer data ​management
Neoke vs. traditional solutions
Empowering users as data-controllers
Neoke puts users in control of their data, enabling access for travel providers to richer, more accurate, and up-to-date information maintained by the users themselves.
Unparalleled interoperability
Breaking from traditional centralised models, D-Hub fosters dynamic data sharing between varied travel services, enabling personalised experiences and innovative business models through user-mediated data exchange.
Privacy-centric architecture
Operating across cloud and user devices, D-Hub's decentralised approach ensures sensitive data is shared directly and securely, reducing exposure risks and aligning with the highest privacy standards.
Frequently asked questions
What is digital Identity and why is it needed?

Digital ID is a way to verify and share user identity without relying on physical documents. A fully digitised system is necessary to support the variety of platforms that travellers use to enjoy their trip, without needing to scan, print or reuse documents. ID can be authenticated to create a ‘verifiable credential’ which can be easily accessed and shared by the user to relevant travel providers, streamlining processes and safeguarding user data. By minimising the reliance on physical documents and manual checks, digital identities pave the way for a more fluid, efficient, and secure travel ecosystem.

How are you ensuring the safety of user’s sensitive data & privacy?

At Neoke, ensuring the safety of user data and privacy is paramount. We prioritise storing the most sensitive information directly on the user's device, utilising the device's cryptography for robust protection. We work exclusively with top-tier tech partners like OpenID and OpenID4VC who adhere to the highest standards and protocols. Our infrastructure incorporates secure data vaulting techniques to safeguard high-value information, while our unique consent management system ensures users maintain control over their data.

What makes Neoke a trustworthy entity?

Neoke is built on a foundation of trust, leveraging the safest protocols and standards in the industry. Our partnerships with reputed organisations like Microsoft, IATA, and ICAO underscore our commitment to excellence. We’re backed by respected VCs like Plug&Play, Gharage, FFVC, and Dreamcraft. These collaborations and endorsements are part of what make Neoke a trusted name in travel, providing cutting-edge technology and data protection.

How does Neoke integrate with my existing systems?

Neoke streamlines integration with your existing systems through a comprehensive integration kit including API, SDKs and documentation. This is designed to facilitate easy adoption, ensuring that Neoke's innovative data management and protection capabilities blend effortlessly with your technology stack. We are actively collaborating with key tech providers in the travel industry to further simplify the integration process. This commitment to interoperability means working with Neoke not only enhances your data handling capabilities but does so with considerable ease and efficiency.

Why do I need these solutions if I already accept government issued IDs?

Neoke recognises that a user's profile extends beyond just government-issued IDs. With our consent management system, you gain access to richer, more valuable information about your customers, all with their explicit consent. This not only empowers you to enhance each individual customer experience but also allows for greater collaboration with other providers, like hotel partners or airlines within your alliance, which also benefits your customers. By adopting Neoke's solutions, you're not just verifying identities; you're unlocking a deeper understanding of your customers' preferences and needs, allowing for a more personalised and seamless journey across the entire travel ecosystem.

What sets Neoke apart from other digital identity solutions in the market?

Unlike other digital identity solutions, Neoke empowers users to have full control over their data, enabling them to share relevant information with travel services to enhance their experience. We're not just about storing data; we're creating an intelligent ecosystem that maximises data availability while ensuring unparalleled security. This unique user-centric approach to data management and consent ensures that both users and travel providers benefit from a more seamless, secure, and personalised travel experience.

What is interoperability?

Interoperability refers to the ability of different systems and software to communicate, exchange data, and work together more seamlessly to use the information that has been exchanged. By leveraging interoperability, we can resolve fragmented travel experiences and provide a more streamlined, efficient and secure way for users to engage with travel providers.

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