Equipping businesses for secure and seamless ​data exchange.
Neoke Auth
Experience the ultimate in security and convenience with our comprehensive authentication tools for users to authenticate themselves, the way they would like to be authenticated.
Digital Identity and Wallet Infrastructure
Our digital ID solutions allow for smoother and safer ​information exchange, helping to drive customer ​loyalty and improve operational efficiency.
Data Orchestration Platform
A decentralised platform for managing data requests, blending cloud and edge storage to enhance security and privacy in data handling, specifically tailored for the travel industry.
Neoke Auth
A single integration to meet all your authentication needs.
Social login (OAuth)
Neoke makes it easy to add social login capabilities to your application, boosting conversion rates and simplifying user onboarding. Social login allows users to sign in using existing login information from a social network provider.
Preferred by 53% of users, social logins are 1.5x faster than passwords and 5.2x quicker than magic links or OTPs, ensuring a smooth and preferred user experience.
Passwordless log in
Credential-based authentication is a faster and more secure way to verify a user's identity, and can also be used across multiple user devices.
These credentials are authenticated by TouchID or FaceID and hold anti phishing capabilities. They can be stored on users devices and cannot be tampered with, lost, stolen, or duplicated like traditional passwords.
ID Document verification
Our platform blends intuitive design with a powerful security-centered backend. We provide advanced, automated identity verification that's 5x more effective than traditional systems, for superior fraud protection.
Smart Capture Automatically extracts data for simplicity.
Universal ID Compatibility: Seamlessly handles all credential types, including physical, digital, Verifiable Credentials, and NFC.
Global PII Verification: Extensive support for KYC, with multi-source aggregation for worldwide coverage.
Regulatory Flexibility: Offers a diverse set of tools like disclaimers, parental and voice/video consents, catering to various regulatory needs.
Biometrics authentication
Unmatched precision with high-accuracy algorithms for real-time, unbiased comparisons.
Liveness Detection: Utilises real-time video monitoring to detect liveliness, safeguarding against spam attacks and capturing evidence for added security.
Face-to-Face Verification: Ensures user presence through real-time video checks.
Extensive Biometric Capabilities: Supports diverse biometric verifications including ID-to-selfie, selfie-to-selfie, and selfie-to-token matches, ensuring thorough and reliable identity checks.
Digital Identity and Wallet Infrastructure
Tools to bring reusable identity ​products to life.
Neoke Wallet
A decentralised way for individuals to safely store and share essential information.
Interoperable: Verifiable credentials can be stored in the cloud or on user’s device.
Compliant: Aligned with global standards regulations including eIDAS2 and GDPR.
Offline support: Enhanced travel convenience as credentials can be shared even when a device is offline.
Neoke SDK
Use Neoke’s SDK to power your application and allow your users to verify their identity, upload biometric data, and save their details in a simple and compliant way, with a completely user-centric experience. 
Personalisation: Our SDK allows your users to create and manage their own IDs, and offers access to a world of benefits, with personalised recommendations based on their preferences.
Empower Users: Users are the custodians of their own information, providing a more secure and richer in-app experience, as well as conveniently providing you with all the details you need to serve them as your customers.
Advanced Security: We use a range of cryptographic specifications in order to guarantee the signature and encryption of user details, maintaining the highest possible security standards.
Data Orchestration Platform
Asynchronous data flow across all networks.
User-controlled data management
Neoke revolutionises personal data handling by ​empowering users as the primary controllers of their ​securely stored information.
Decentralised data management: Manages data across NeoKe's network, utilising both cloud storage and edge devices like smartphones, ensuring flexibility and ​security.
Direct app-to-partner data transfer: Facilitates secure data sharing directly from user apps to partners, bypassing Neoke systems for enhanced privacy.
Advanced security with verifiable ​credentials
Robust security measures: Employs token-based validation for partner requests and multiple layers of authentication to safeguard data integrity.
Inter-app Communication: Coordinates data sharing between apps based on user consent, ensuring a user-centric approach to data management.
Information Orchestration
Efficient workflow: Manages complex data requests involving multiple attributes, categorising them based on storage location and user permission.
Data request API: Streamlines data requests, identifying data storage locations and ensuring user consent for data usage.
Comprehensive services directory: Provides a standardised system for identifying and accessing various endpoints by partners and apps, simplifying integration and ​usage.

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