February 29, 2024

Introducing 'Ready to Fly': A Neoke innovation for effortless travel

In an era where seamless travel is more than a luxury but a necessity, Neoke introduces Ready to Fly, a groundbreaking solution designed to streamline every step of the traveller's journey. Ready to Fly integrates Neoke’s advanced digital identity technology, redefining efficiency and security in travel.

What is Ready to Fly?

'Ready to Fly' is an innovative digital solution that simplifies the traveller’s journey from booking to boarding. It leverages Neoke's digital identity platform to offer travellers a fast-track through the usual travel formalities.

How does it work?

1. Travellers use facial recognition to verify their identity

2. Verification status updated in DCS

3. Use QR/NFC on their mobile device for bag drop, biometric gates and boarding

4. Travellers enjoy a single-click experience for future bookings

Key features

  • Pre-Airport Onboarding: Upon booking with one of our partner airlines, travellers are invited to complete a one-time digital identity verification process through Neoke. This includes biometric enrollment, ID verification, and preferences update. This ensures a secure and personalised experience for each user.
  • Digital Credential Issuance: Once an ID is verified, Ready to Fly issues digital credentials stored in the Neoke wallet app, according to the highest security standards. These credentials include digital boarding passes, loyalty information, and biometric data, ready to reuse for future trips.
  • Seamless Airport Experience: Integration with airport systems allows travellers to breeze through check-in, security, and boarding using their Ready to Fly status. The system syncs with departure control systems (DCS), enabling access through e-gates and self-service kiosks using biometric authentication.
  • Extended Services: The Ready to Fly functionality extends to other travel services, including duty-free shopping, lounge access, and VAT refunds, all accessible through a simple QR code or NFC tap.


  • Time efficiency: Ready to Fly significantly reduces the time spent on travel formalities.
  • Enhanced security: Offers robust identity verification and reduces the risk of fraud.
  • Improved travel experience: Provides a hassle-free, smooth airport journey.
  • Environmental impact: Reduces the need for physical documents, contributing to eco-friendly travel practices.

Pilot and future plans

'Ready to Fly' is set for a pilot program through our strategic partners, including major airlines and airports, to gather feedback and refine the product. The long-term vision includes expanding the technology to support a wider range of travel services, making Ready to Fly synonymous with effortless and secure travel.