June 7, 2023

What is Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)?

In one word SSI is about control.

SSI was born out of a movement that believes individuals should have full control over their personal information, even if they are sharing it with other parties.

SSI uses distributed ledger technology (like blockchain) to store data, so that it is only accessible by the individual user.

So what’s Blockchain?

In the past, data had to be stored in a single location, usually on enormous corporate servers.

Blockchain is a new technology that allows data to be split and scattered, and stored on micro ports around the world. This makes it far less vulnerable to hacking and security breaches.

When the individual wants to access their data it essentially re-forms and is made available. This means no longer being dependent on central authorities to store and distribute our own information.

Why is SSI so important?

Our entire lives have moved online, and we took for granted that companies would take care of the details. We uploaded photos and documents and data and relied on governments and conglomerates to build infrastructure that would help keep us safe.

It’s clear now the immense risk of having all our information stored across the internet. We need to take greater steps to protect our privacy and identity.

It also serves an important functional purpose; when utilised effectively SSI can provide more efficient ways to share personal information across channels.

What does this have to do with travel?

Moving through the world requires numerous forms of personal identification and payment. NeoKe is bridging the gap between SSI and the travel industry, to help remove the friction that these processes create. Decentralised ID is the key to creating an end-to-end travel experience, and enabling connection across providers, so that everyone can experience seamless travel.

With the NeoKe wallet, users will be able to safely store, manage and share all aspects of their trip including ID verification, confirmations, payments, boarding passes, even hotel keys.

We are committed to unlocking the future of travel for all our users.