April 26, 2024

Generative AI and travel: will personal agents be the silver bullet?

In our previous post we explored the myriad of ways that Generative AI is impacting travel, and the ample potential it presents. Here we’ll dive into one specific category that is starting to emerge as possibly the most game-changing offering within this technology; AI Personal Agents.

AI Personal Agents work like digital assistants, designed to understand and fulfil individual needs, continuously learning and adapting based on user’s preferences and behaviour. It utilises a Generative AI paired with a natural user interface that can involve speech, text prompts, clicks, and gestures, offering a range of possibilities for integration.

On a basic level Personal Agents are often considered simply a productivity tool, but their potential within travel is far more sophisticated. Because a key part of the offering is to deliver seamless and effortless interactions, with natural user experiences, this complements well with the goals of travel tech to provide more intuitive and personalised interactions around trust and data management. 

5 key benefits of AI Agents within travel:

  1. They can offer real-time assistance and support to travellers, answering queries, providing directions, and offering suggestions throughout their journey.
  1. Enhance customer service by helping travel providers respond to queries and requests more efficiently, but also more thoroughly and effectively. 
  1. Provide market analysis, even pricing recommendations, far more sophisticated than the traditional rate management software of the previous decade. 
  1. With features like chatbots and voice assistants, personal agents can also assist with communication and language barriers, supporting the connection between provider and travellers during critical moments like booking, check-in and feedback. 
  1. AI can enhance safety and security measures for individuals by monitoring travel conditions, providing alerts, and offering guidance in emergencies.

Just like the use of generative AI more broadly, there are valid security concerns when it comes to customer data. This is where a company like Neoke is essential to help streamline experiences with cutting edge technology, without exposing users or providers to unnecessary risk. 

Embracing AI Personal Agents and leveraging their potential will become crucial for commercial relevance and maintaining loyalty, as businesses evolve to meet customer needs. And as users become more accustomed with the capabilities of these technologies, they’ll naturally expect this standard of offering across all the providers they engage with. 

Overall, Personal AI Agents can significantly enhance the travel experience, making it more personalised, efficient, and enjoyable for travellers, and enhance the commercial opportunities for businesses to grow and service their customers, meet and exceed expectations.