June 4, 2024

How Neoke Is Redefining Consent Management for Travel

In today's digital age, the constant bombardment of notifications, updates, and permissions can quickly lead to what is commonly termed ‘consent fatigue’. This experience is particularly prevalent within the realm of travel, where the many requests, alerts and communications to clarify personal details, confirm bookings, or prepare for arrivals, can make the journey more burdensome than enjoyable. At Neoke, part of creating a new identity infrastructure for connected travel is to help transform the way consent is managed and alleviate this burden from providers and travellers alike.

Traditional approaches to data management operated with rigid ownership limitations, for example; when a travel provider needed personal details about a customer, the customer would disclose or share this data in order to proceed with a booking, flight, or stay. However there was little (or no) visibility about when, where and how this data would be stored or used. Essentially an individual would have to forfeit the autonomy of that personal information and yield it indefinitely to a travel provider. This was also less than ideal for travel businesses, who often found themselves burdened with reams of traveller data that was no longer useful, relevant, and created exposure risk. And crucially, the data was stagnant, so it was not able to be conveniently or securely shared across providers or platforms. 

Neoke’s next generation technology has unlocked a more efficient and effective way to handle this predicament; enabling user data to be interoperable. This way travel providers can access the information they need (under certain conditions and within a governance framework) without the added burden of ownership. Individuals can grant conditional access to their details, and maintain control, authority and visibility of their own data. This also includes revoking permissions when it is no longer needed, e.g. at the end of a trip or stay. This approach simplifies processes, reduces risk, and safeguards business, all while helping to create an enriching traveller profile that will make their experience more personalised. 

We believe that when it comes to data, more is not necessarily better. And regulating quality information flow is a crucial component of our consent management system. It’s essential to optimise access based on factors such as the intended recipient, purpose, data set, and time period. By tailoring access to specific needs, we can reduce unnecessary data exposure, ensuring both user privacy and vendor security. 

The tentacles of consent can spread far and wide; e.g. multiple authorisations, consent in advance, determining which parties get access to which information according to which circumstances. This requires careful stewardship and sophisticated technology, but when managed well through a platform like Neoke, it works wonders to streamline processes and empower businesses to securely use data to provide the best possible experiences for travellers. 

Compliance with regulatory standards including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is paramount. Our platform adheres to lawful bases, empowering travel businesses to manage data exchange ethically, securely and transparently, whilst still maximising commercial and operational benefits. We build trust and confidence among our users by ensuring that they maintain control of their information at all times. 

Neoke is pioneering a new approach to consent management in the travel industry. By shifting the focus from data ownership to subscription, optimising access, and managing compliance, we're helping travellers navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with ease. Reducing consent fatigue is a necessary step to achieve our goals at Neoke; to empower both businesses and users, and enhance the overall travel experience. Join us on our journey to a more streamlined and secure digital future.